Enjoy a cooking class and a fresh gourmet meal over your lunch break! 

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Corporate Bonding

The Lunchtime Demonstrations are fifty minute meals (1.05 p.m to 1.55 p.m. but don’t worry about being a little late). Arrive to a hot dish cooked by Alix and enjoy while you sit back and watch her show you how to put it together. Alix demonstrates as you eat and then you can saunter back to work with a sated palate and the recipe in your pocket to try yourself at home.

Team Building

Cook, eat and run! If you are sick of the same old sandwiches day in day out for lunch, then here is definitely something new and exciting to consider. The School is 500 yards from Baggot Street Bridge, Wilton Terrace or The Burlington, and 900 yards from the D4 Hotel or The Pepper Canister Church.


See schedule for dates and prices. Lunches are themed, for instance:

  • Thai
  • Italian
  • Californian
  • Chinese
  • French
  • Southern
  • Indian
  • Pacific Rim
  • And many more…!