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Cook Along with friends and family

Join together with family + friends — from anywhere! — for a virtual cooking class in your home kitchen!  Our chef-instructors will have 2 cameras spotlighted during the cooking class — 1 on the kitchen + 1 on their cutting board station/stovetop — The kitchen assistant will make sure that participants will be able to see everything that is happening without having to switch views.  You’ll be able to chat with the chef and everyone else in the group, and ask questions, and you can invite the chef to virtually visit your stove top and check everything is going well.   If you are in Kansas, your daughter is in Dublin and your son is in Berlin we can bring them altogether for a virtual meal.

€130 for the first two connections plus €20 for each extra connection

Corporate Bonding - Team Building

Our virtual team building cookery events helps individuals working remotely to interact  with team members, clients, or the organisation as a whole. Our aim is to create wonderful memories for your group activities, share laughter, and have fun all from the comfort of your own home.  Cook together, eat together and most importantly continue to strengthen your team bond together.

We have had companies with staff in Alaska (9am) Boston (1pm) and Berlin (7pm) all cooking online together. We can send out ingredients boxes. Recipes can be adapted for Vegan, Vegetarian and Gluten Free staff. Our largest event to date has been with 100 participants


Transition Year Interactive Online Cookery Lessons

Special prices for TY Cookery Groups for two or more student’s can be whenever suits, once off or a series of classes. Designed to be fun and informative, at the end of a short course of interactive online cookery classes they should be able to cook a range of healthy and delicious dinners, skills
that will last a lifetime.


Chose your own bespoke menu with a range of cuisines to choose from.

Whether you want to learn how to create an Indian Feast or a Authentic Thai Curry we’ve got you covered.

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Private and group interactive cook-along online cookery classes