Friday, 1 October was World Vegetarian Day and October is Vegetarian Month.

Using seasonal vegetables,  you will learn to make dishes are full of flavour and texture on our creative and adventurous Vegetarian Cookery Course. A vegetarian meal should be full of exciting, eclectic tastes.

Reasons to celebrate Vegetarian Awareness Month, even for non-vegetarians

Taste! Vegetarian meals are delicious, fast and easy. Meatless food is far from boring; experimenting with antioxidant-rich herbs, spices and sauces for flavour can be fun for savvy cooks.

Vegetarian diets are higher in fiber. Though 25-34 grams of fiber per day is recommended, on average Europeans only consume  only 12-15 grams. Increasing whole grains, legumes and fresh produce can easily help achieve the goal. For example, 1 kg of beef contains zero grams of fiber, but just one cup of lentils has 16 grams.

Respect for the environment and sustainability. From water protection to soil and air quality, raising animals strains our natural world more than growing plants.

Health! Studies show that vegetarian diets are statistically higher in vitamins A, B2, C and E, beta carotene, calcium and folate than non-vegetarian diets. There is also recent research that indicates vegetarians experience a significantly lower overall incidence of cancer and a lower cholesterol and blood pressure than non-vegetarians.

If you want to get a unique gift for a veggy friend and are lucky enough to live near one kinda folk coffee  28a Dartmouth Road, Ranelagh, look for the Upcycle Farm’s oyster mushroom ragout – the mushrooms give it an amazing texture.  The Upcycle Farm is a baby of the lockdown, and grows its fab fungi on coffee grounds.

My favourite vegetarian restaurant in Dublin at the moment is Glas   Their food is adventurous and different, and the flavours are really excellent.  Have a look at their menus on-line for inspiration.  It is just off Grafton Street.

Our next vegetarian cookery course is coming up very soon, so why not come along!   Or for a gift what about a one night vegetarian cookery class in January

As a taster I have put up a recipe for Corn and Courgette Fritters with Avocado Salsa on our recipe page.  It is a really easy recipe – check it out!

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